Aye! What a better time to pick this back up!

Hey-ya, cool cats and kittens (shout out to my friends who've seen "Tiger King"). So yeah, I haven't posted on here in quite awhile, but I figure this is perhaps the BEST time to get back into the swing of it. So I'm a little older. I'm a little wiser. I'm going to try to …

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You Do You, Boo Boo!

So, I've been doing WW Freestyle (previously Weight Watchers, but apparently WW is much cooler a title) since mid-December. I've lost about 25 lbs. since then, most of which came off within the first few months. Over the past couple months, however, my weight loss has been non-existent. I've tried the Wendie Plan to create …

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Yoga for Non-yogis

The room is dimmed.  My thicker-than-others-yoga-mats-that-makes-me-feel-like-I-bought-the-wrong-type is laid out on the hardwood floor.  Four knit throw blankets are folded into a pile at one end of my mat, with a large purple bolster pillow on top.  The instructor, Shari, instructs the class of 15 (all ages, from late teens, to pregnant women, to retired men …

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