Round-up RANCH Time!

I found this recipe while researching stuff to eat on Whole 30.  I've made this a couple times now and it adds a bit more heartiness to a salad than just EVOO and vinegar.  I've also used this in place of mayo for tuna salad.  Lots of fun stuff to add ranch to!  I'd strongly …

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This has to be one of my favorite go-to recipes for when I need to make a quick and crazy healthy dinner for my husband and I.  Geez, I'm hoping I don't sound like Ina Garten in some of these posts... "Jeffrey just loves these lavender coconut macaroons in the afternoon luncheon."  Anyways, this middle …

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Almond Coconut Tahini Date BALLS!

These balls are addictive!  I've made these balls using a bunch of different ingredients before.  I've made these ones Whole 30 compliant, but you can always change it up with different nut butters, adding in raisins or other dried fruit, sweetening it up with some dark chocolate chips, dropping in some vanilla extract - so …

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Yoga for Non-yogis

The room is dimmed.  My thicker-than-others-yoga-mats-that-makes-me-feel-like-I-bought-the-wrong-type is laid out on the hardwood floor.  Four knit throw blankets are folded into a pile at one end of my mat, with a large purple bolster pillow on top.  The instructor, Shari, instructs the class of 15 (all ages, from late teens, to pregnant women, to retired men …

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