Week One of Whole 30 VIDEO TIME!

Here we go!  I’ve created a short video with daily recaps.  I’m going to try to keep these going each week.    Thanks for ya’ll’s support!

2 thoughts on “Week One of Whole 30 VIDEO TIME!

  1. Judy Klimek

    Hi Jo, goof to see you. You like sweetener in your coffee? At sprouts they have drops of a natural sweetener, only takes one drop. Some come flavored. I find when I need something sweet this does it for me. Also, did you know that Almond milk, probably cashew milk too, come in a creamer. I don’t know if they come unsweetened or not, I don’t use cream in my coffee, but my family does.

    I don’t know what the whole 30 is, but when I have a sweet craving I find a 80% dark chocolate one small section helps me. It still has sugar, but because it is so rich in cocoa, it quenches the sweet tooth.


    1. seejogogo

      Hiya, Judy! During my pregnancy I went back to putting sweetener in my coffee. I was a half n half and teaspoon of sugar kind of gal. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Sprouts down here in S. Florida. I’ll keep an eye out for that sweetener, though. I’ve tried the almond milk creamers and they’re not bad at all. The unsweetened ones are a bit hard to find, however. I’m onto the Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk to put in my coffee and it’s pretty tasty! Also, I LOVE that dark chocolate hack! I used to keep a bar in my cupboard for just that. All I need is a lil something sweet after dinner, ya know? The best tasting one I’ve found is the 88% Cocoa Endangered Species bars (It has a black panther on the wrapper!).

      Whole 30 is a 30-day change in eating habits to suss out foods that may be causing you inflammation or discomfort. For 30 days you eat only veggies, meats, some oils, nuts, seeds, and fruit. Check out http://www.whole30.com if you’re bored to see the full details.

      As always, Judy, thanks so much for reading and commenting! Hope you’re doing well!


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