Look at the Flanks on Her Chimichurri!

Here's something I had never cooked before but have wanted to try for awhile.  It's pretty easy and suuuuper flavorful!  I was a little weary of topping steak with something so vinegar-y, but yowza it matches perfectly!  I cooked this up this week and served it with some roasted baby potatoes shaken with garlic and …

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Color Me Kafta

I've been cooking these bad boys for a few years now.  They are my husband's favorite dish I cook and he asks for them weekly (channeling my inner Ina Garten again).  We originally had these at an Afghani restaurant and I thought, "Hey, I can make those!"  After a bit of research and trial and …

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Almond Coconut Tahini Date BALLS!

These balls are addictive!  I've made these balls using a bunch of different ingredients before.  I've made these ones Whole 30 compliant, but you can always change it up with different nut butters, adding in raisins or other dried fruit, sweetening it up with some dark chocolate chips, dropping in some vanilla extract - so …

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