My Reintroduction

      Well, HELLO THERE!  Yes, it’s been a while, my friends, but I’m bringing back the blog!  A lot has changed in my life in the past year, hence why I stopped updating the site.  But I’m back and so is Seejogogo! Thank you all for your support and comments since I started this project and I look forward to making this site YUGE!  So please keep reading, following, and commenting, and if you’re feeling like being an awesome guy/gal, please repost this blog on your social media, as comments on future health/fitness blogs, or sites you may read.  My goal is to really finally get this blog moving forward. My focus will still be on healthy eating, clean recipes, and workout tips and stories, but I will also be adding in outside articles concerning these topics as well as linking in classes, sites, or products that have or will continue to help me on my journey to the BIG 150!

Q: So, Jo, why did you stop posting to your blog back in July 2017?

A:  Well, boys and girls, the honest truth is I just got lazy.  My last blog post was an update on my new vegan lifestyle. Back then I was only about a week and a half in.  It was all going great! I stuck to eating a plant-based diet for a couple months really.  Unfortunately, I did end up going from 175 lbs to 190 lbs during those two months.  It could be that I upped my grains intake, which I tended to limit a bit more when I was eating meat and dairy.  If I punted grains from my vegan diet, I would have gone nuts!  I also ate more processed foods while eating vegan.  The frozen veggie burgers, vegan cheese, soyrizo, etc. were tasty, but had some extra crap in there that I hadn’t been eating in a long time.  This doesn’t answer why I got lazy, though, I digress.  I took a family vacation in mid-July, then went to the Seychelles with my husband and just kind of put the blog on the back burner, thinking I would eventually get back to it.  I mean, I guess I kept my promise to myself.  It took about a year, but I made it back…

Q:  But, Jo, was that really the only reason you stopped blogging?

A:  Well that wasn’t it; you’re right!  I actually found out I was pregnant back in early September!  On my first OB appointment, the doctor was a little concerned with my switch to a vegan diet, in fear that I wouldn’t be getting enough protein.  So I started eating eggs again.  Aaaand then I brought back dairy.  Good Lord, did I ever miss my milk.  Nut milks DO NOT taste the same; I’m sorry.  Little by little I broke up with my plant-based eating lifestyle.  You see, long story short, my husband and I weren’t even sure if we were able to have children.  More on this later, but I have a medical issue that made it tricky to conceive.  Therefore, we didn’t want to take any chances with my diet impacting the health of our baby, so I jumped back on the meat and dairy train.  I did, however, continue to eat clean and healthy. I definitely wasn’t as strict with my food choices as I had been, though.  So the reason I stopped blogging after that was that I wasn’t going balls to the wall with my workouts anymore, as was advised by my doctor.  I knew I wasn’t going to shed any weight (I actually shot up to 240 lbs at the end of my pregnancy. I didn’t want to change my blog ideas all around and I felt pretty guilty and annoyed with my weight gain.  So I just put the blog on hiatus.  But I’m back now, down to 220 lbs at one month postpartum and I’m ready to get back in shape and get down to my goal weight of 150, ya’ll!


Q:  So how is life with a newborn?

A:  It’s just…weird…  I never thought I’d be the mommy type.  I love it, though!  I still look at my baby, turn to my husband, and say “Dude, we made that!”  It is just mind-blowing, really.  My plan is to be on maternity leave until late August, which will put the lil one at 3 months old, before returning to work part-time.  I may go back to teaching, not sure. Back in Jan/March, we moved down to Dania Beach, Florida (just south of Fort Lauderdale) because my husband was offered a new job that was substantially better than his job in Denver.  Soooo my options for work are pretty open.  Our apartment is 1.5 miles from the beach. It’s crazy hot and humid right now.  There are cute lil lizards everywhere.  And South Florida drivers are the absolute WORST!



Q:  When can we see pictures of the lil peanut?

A:  Unfortunately, I will not be posting any photos of the baby or my husband out of respect for their privacies.  I will let you know, however, that the baby is a boy and I will refer to him as V. from now on.

Q:  One more thing before we go.  Why did the web address change for this blog?

A:  My oh my, what an excellent observation!  I upgraded on WordPress to have my own domain name for ease of others finding the site and to hopefully make it seem a little more “professional”.  I figure if I can make a bit of money eventually off this thing, then hey, it’s a win!  With that, I’m hoping to add in some videos and cool new content.  I say “cool new content”, because I don’t quite know what this is all going to look like.  That said, spread the word, please! Let’s get some exposure!


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