Phase II

So I've been hovering around 175-180 lbs for about 2 months.  Nothing is budging.  Some days I'm 180, some days I'm 175.  My weight has been hanging around this zone for awhile.  This has happened before when I was at the 200-ish mark and I overcame it by tracking calories and cheat-mealing.  So now...how do …

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Vegan Kimbap!!!

So I lived in Gwangju, South Korea from 2009-2013 (a lil over 4 years-yeow!).  One of my go-to snacks/quick meals to purchase at a mom and pop diner there was kimbap.  It's kind of like a maki sushi roll, without the sushi.  My favorite kind was the chamchi kimbap, which is canned tuna fish w/ …

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